Century Turbine Repair

About Us

We are the first choice for many power plants seeking efficient, cost effective steam path repairs!

Century Turbine Repair, LLC was founded in November, 2007. The company is a Pevely, MO based turbine repair facility with many different relationships within the turbine industry that allows Century Turbine Repair to offer the following packages for your Plant needs. Open, Blast Clean, NDE, Inspection, and Reassembly of Main steam units from OEM’s like GE, Allis Chalmers, Elliott, Rand, Westinghouse and Siemens.

Steam path generation

Installation of new parts, for blades or buckets for main turbines and boiler feed pump turbines. Including all required hardware. New valve stems, Seats, Discs, Try bars, Bushings, Bolting, Cross heads, and many other parts for all types of valves. Stellite strips, Solid stellite nose bars, J-type shields, and Flag shields. New packing, J-strip seals, Inserted spill strips, Inner shell peened in seals, and nozzle box seals.

We also offer the following services: Complete steam path audits with losses in each stage of the machine and pay backs if repairs are completed. Blade or Bucket change out of all types of units. Stationary blade change out in or shop or on-site. Major and Minor diaphragm repairs. Nozzle box and block repairs. Stellite strips or Erosion shield change out. Low speed balance up to 200,000 lbs. J-strip and seal change out and machining. Shell welding and machining.

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